Golf carts are a popular option for weddings, parties and other special occasions. UGC has a range of speciality carts ideal for carrying the bridal party and guests where a venue is a little too big to walk from one section to another.

Rental for weddings

Shopping Malls, hospitals and even security companies are relying on golf carts to make life easier for visitors, patients and patrols. You will even see golf carts buzzing around at airports, train stations, and other public areas where distances between sections make it difficult or time-consuming to walk around. Rentals are a very economical option and can include maintenance agreements to suit your needs.

Unlimited Golf Carts offers a full range of of standard and speciality vehicles as well as related products to hire. Our fleet includes Golf, Shuttle and Utility vehichles - either electric or petrol powered. Select from 2-seaters, 4-seaters or 6-seaters. Daily, weekly, mothly as well as longer term rental options are available. At UGC, all our vehicles come with light kits, indicators, stop light, windscreen, rear view mirrors, basket and golf bag holders as appropriate for the required purpose. We can supply a cart to include strobe lights; all-weather covers needed for security; hooters; spot light etc.

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